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Transport must be provided quickly!
You put your query over the phone and receive the price straight away.
Regardless whether it is an express transport within Poland or delivery of cargo from Cologne, whether you want to ship your goods to France, England, or order an express transport to Dortmund, we will always complete your shipment competently and professionally.
Allow us to provide you with our express transport services and we can assure our capability to deliver any-where in Europe!


Quick reaction time and years of experience are crucial to express transporting — this is exactly what you can get with MAWA Express.
Express shipments within Poland, loadings from Poland, deliveries from England and Spain, express trans-ports in all of Germany; loadings in Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt and Hamburg. Direct delivery in all of Europe! Transports are realise with 5-pallet vans or 10-pallet tarpaulin trucks.
We compare all available transport solutions and choose the best option for you. You will get your offer as quickly as possible (max 15 min). The ordered vehicle will be provided for loading within 1-3 hours, depend-ing on the country and destination.
Our crew will provide you with fast and affordable solutions for express and time-critical transport.


Thanks to our express vehicles — busses and tarpaulin trucks, we will load your cargo within 1-3 hours in all of Europe and deliver them as fast as possible to the chosen factory. In the automotive industry transport must be carried out based on the ”just in time” rule. We know that losses or delays in cargo delivery may threat the production processes, what quickly raises costs. If you need fast and custom transport, call us. We are here for you when you are short on time!
Regardless whether it is an express transport from Spain or delivery to England and France, we are here for you 24/7!


Take advantage of our affordably priced transports from Ruhr Area, Cologne, Dortmund, Essen, Düssel-dorf, Hamburg, to and from Poland. We will complete your urgent transports to England, Spain and France.
In MAWA Express we will always help you accomplish your delivery quickly and reliably.
If you expect your order to be fulfilled immediately — we are available for you round-the-clock.
Your transport in our hands — always on time!
MAWA Express — your expert in transport in Germany and Europe.


Professional and quick delivery of goods is crucial when providing courier services. It is obvious for us at MAWA Express.
Parcel services are express, custom transports and direct delivery with busses, tarpaulin trucks and 7,5 t / 12 t trucks.
Holiday and weekend deliveries without any additional costs. Check our unmatched qualifications in express transport in Germany and Europe.


We provide direct transport in Dortmund, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Essen, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. In these locations our busses are available for you everyday.
Direct deliveries from Poland to Germany, express bus transport in all of Europe, without handling, combin-ing and loading more cargo.
Your goods will be carried directly to Spain, England, France and all of Europe — it cannot be done any faster! Try it. Kindness, reliability, safety and professionalism.
MAWA Express — your partner in transport, available 24/7.


We offer you attractive prices on on-time deliveries in Europe. We know how important is time for your cli-ents. Express transports from Dortmund or express deliveries to Poland, as well as from Poland to England and France — always professionally done on your request. Our busses are always available; requested car is ready for loading within 1-3 hours in all of Europe.
MAWA Express — transport like never before! Express transport in Germany and Europe.


We use vans and tarpaulin trucks to carry out express deliveries in Germany and Europe, as they can carry even more merchandise — up to 10 euro-pallets weighing up to 1200 kg. During express transports, they offer more loading space and are as quick as vans or so-called sprinters. It is an optimal addition to our logistics offer. We complete express transport with a possibility of loading more cargo! In order to provide immediate fulfilment of your order, we are always available for you — 24 hours a day!
Contact us and let us win you over with our offers and services.
Express deliveries in Dortmund and Ruhr Area, everyday express transports from Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt and Hamburg, express transports to Spain, express parcel services to England, France and all of Europe — our cars are available and waiting for your call!